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Iwundu-rful stuff, but inconsistent at Kansas State

K-State's Wesley Iwundu

FEBRUARY 2015 – One game he’ll show up on the ESPN highlights with a high-flying dunk. The next game he’ll barely show up on the stat sheet. Welcome to the world of—channeling our inner-Chris Berman—Wesley Iwundu “What He’s Gonna Do Next.”

Iwundu, the talented, versatile 6-7 Kansas State forward, has pro potential if he can focus and channel his talents. But that’s a big “if.”

“I think he can be really good,” Kansas State head coach Bruce Weber said.

PECOTA projects 90-Loss season for KC Royals

Royals stats

FEBRUARY 2015 – My baby-blue eyes have to be betraying me. As I gazed at the computer screen. I read the PECOTA 2015 major league projections. When I think of Pecota, my initial reflections are to Bill Pecota, a Kansas City Royals utility infielder from 1986-91.

This PECOTA, however, is an acronym for Player Empirical Comparison and Optimization Test Algorithm. It is a sabermetric system for forecasting Major League Baseball players and team performances. Baseball Prospectus owns the system.

So how does PECOTA expect the defending American League champion Royals to do this year? Capture the AL pennant again? Take the World Series? Win 90-plus games, but settling for a wildcard? Win 89 games and miss the playoffs?

The answer to all of the above is a resounding NO!