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Golf injuries-performance, practice and professional care


APRIL 2015 – The game of golf makes very real and specific demands on the body, requiring attention be paid to the physical demands.

Unfortunately, golf injuries and pain are often the catalysts for paying attention to the unique physical requirements of the game. Even before pain alerts the golfer to strain or injury, knowledge of the body’s movement and ongoing care can insure long-term participation, enjoyment of the game and optimal performance.

Chiefs fixing the ‘Cracks in the Foundation’ by adding Jeremy Maclin


APRIL 2015 – The remake of the Chiefs is underway with trades, franchise tags and free-agent signings, and there’s one consistent theme—besides the required, “he’s a great player, but he’s a better person

Free agents think it’s a great opportunity to play for coach Andy Reid.

“I’m very excited to be here,” said wide receiver Jeremy Maclin, the biggest splash among the Chiefs free-agent signings.

Royals left-hander Danny Duffy aiming for 200 innings


APRIL 2015 – For Danny Duffy the 2014 spring training was in a word AWFUL. Duffy had a chance to break camp on the Kansas City Royals’ roster, but instead he pitched his way to Triple-A Omaha. A spring training ERA of 11.45 in six appearances will do that. In 11 innings, Duffy allowed 15 runs, 14 earned, on 16 hits, three of them home runs. On top of that, he walked six and hit two batters. That is 24 base runners in 11 innings.

When Duffy was recalled after one start with the Storm Chasers, he was put in the Royals’ bullpen for his first six appearances.

When Duffy reported to camp, he jokingly said his goal was to have a single-digit ERA.