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Emotional maturity is essential for maximum sports performance


MAY 2015 – In order for an athlete to display maximum sports performance at any level, it is essential to cultivate and display emotional maturity, the ability to use logical thoughts to make mature decisions during competition.

Specifically, being a successful Major League Baseball player requires an ability to handle the ebb and flow of the difficult job with emotional maturity.

Every MLB player should want to be respected by fellow teammates and opponents but, as baseball fans saw during several Kansas City Royals games in April, getting respect through displays of emotional immaturity can get ugly. 

Eagles Landing among six golf courses associated with Club Members program


MAY 2015 – You finally get some time off in the middle of the week, so you throw “the sticks” in the trunk. You get to your favorite golf course expecting to be able to play 18 without the regular weekend crowd. And then it hits you.

The course is closed for a tournament.

Instead of freaking out, members of the Club Members program simply hop in the car to the nearest participating course and play a round for a flat fee of $20.

“The advantage to the golfer is that it gives them more options to use that special rate,” said Eagle’s Club golf pro Jay Kennedy.

KC Royals have shown ‘Fighting’ Spirit for decades


MAY 2015 – It was ironic the Kansas City Royals end of April fracas occurred in Chicago with Ed Farmer one of the White Sox announcers.

In 1979 Farmer was Public Enemy No. 1 in Kansas City. Farmer may have cost the Royals winning the division that year after they had won the three previous American League West championships. On May 8, 1979, Farmer, then pitching for the Texas Rangers, broke the wrist of second baseman Frank White in the first inning and broke right fielder Al Cowen’s jaw and several of his teeth. With those two starters out for a considerable amount of time, the Royals finished second to the Angels that season.

Laser therapy for injury recovery


MAY 2015 – Laser light therapy has become useful for just about every condition, but most importantly for athletes, it can reduce inflammation and relieve pain from injuries suffered.

There are different classes of light therapy, and each one works for different areas needing treatment. Some are more powerful, some are created for deeper tissue damage and some for speed of recovery.

KC Ice Center spring figure skating show set for May


MAY 2015 – If you have the ability to ride around on a 3/16-inch sharpened blade of steel on a sheet of ice, or if you like watching others who do, the Kansas City Ice Center has something for you in May.

The four-on-four hockey leagues that started at the beginning of April will run through the end of May. One of the tiers of an adult league in cooperation with the Independence Events Center will take up the first weekend of the month.

But the big event is the KC Ice Center Spring Figure Skating Show. In its third year, the program will have close to 100 skaters take part in an Oscar-themed event the middle weekend of May.

Accessibility and tradition come to the fore at Overland Park Golf


MAY 2015 – It is fitting one of the area’s most venerable courses is named for two of Johnson County’s most fervent recreation supporters.

Wendell Lady and Ben Sykes were Overland Park’s first two chairmen of the Parks and Recreation Committee and relentlessly worked to develop a strong parks system for the city.

Their combined efforts nearly a half century ago led to the acquisition of land for the Overland Park golf course which bears their name.  A few years later, their hard work again rewarded the community with the purchase of land which contains the St. Andrews golf course, plus the popular Overland Park Soccer Complex and other facilities.

KC Invitational soccer tournament is region’s biggest


MAY 2015 – The Kansas City Invitational Soccer Tournament is one of the constants of youth soccer in Kansas City.  It is the season-ending tournament and the largest of the year.

This most popular of tourneys attracted a record number of teams last year from all across the region and organizers expect even more this year.

Are custom shoe orthotics necessary?


MAY 2015 – It is the time of year when kids gear up for soccer, tennis and track.  Novice and experienced runners, cyclists, and triathletes immerse themselves into race season.

Golf courses, tennis courts and hiking trails see increased traffic.  Even summer travel plans require more walking. All this activity increases the frequency of questions I receive regarding shoe orthotics.

The answer depends on your unique needs and goals. 

Mr. Triple, Paulo Orlando journeys from Brazil to KC


MAY 2015 – Tom Hanks was wrong. Hanks, who played manager Jimmy Dugan in the movie “A League Of Their Own,” groused “There’s no crying in baseball.”

Paulo Orlando had moist eyes after tripling off Chicago White Sox left-hander John Danks in his first major league at-bat after walking in his first plate-appearance.

“It was just great to see,” Royals manager Ned Yost said. “When he hit that triple, you could see everyone in our dugout get excited for him.”

Do the Royals have a bulls-eye painted on them?


MAY 2015 – If the first month of the season is any indication of how the season is going to play out, then hold on Kansas City, we’re in for a bumpy ride.

From the throwing at batters, to the hard (dirty?) slide and the numerous bench clearing stare downs and shouting matches (certainly not fisticuffs), it is apparent the Royals have a big red bulls-eye plastered on each and every royal blue uniform.

There is no doubt the 2014 playoff run carried over into the competitive spirit of our boys in blue. It shows with nearly each and every play.