Daily Archives: May 21, 2015

Emotional maturity is essential for maximum sports performance


MAY 2015 – In order for an athlete to display maximum sports performance at any level, it is essential to cultivate and display emotional maturity, the ability to use logical thoughts to make mature decisions during competition.

Specifically, being a successful Major League Baseball player requires an ability to handle the ebb and flow of the difficult job with emotional maturity.

Every MLB player should want to be respected by fellow teammates and opponents but, as baseball fans saw during several Kansas City Royals games in April, getting respect through displays of emotional immaturity can get ugly. 

Eagles Landing among six golf courses associated with Club Members program


MAY 2015 – You finally get some time off in the middle of the week, so you throw “the sticks” in the trunk. You get to your favorite golf course expecting to be able to play 18 without the regular weekend crowd. And then it hits you.

The course is closed for a tournament.

Instead of freaking out, members of the Club Members program simply hop in the car to the nearest participating course and play a round for a flat fee of $20.

“The advantage to the golfer is that it gives them more options to use that special rate,” said Eagle’s Club golf pro Jay Kennedy.