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Kansas City Ice Center prepares traveling teams


SEPTEMBER 2015 – Just because you are not good enough today, cut from your team, does not mean you won’t make it tomorrow. Michael Jordan played on his high school junior varsity basketball team as a sophomore.

That’s what Dean Nelson and his colleagues with the Kansas City Youth Hockey Association (KCYHA) remind youngsters who tried out—unsuccessfully—for traveling teams for this fall and winter. With the merger of the youth hockey organizations from around the metro area, the traveling teams have all been combined and there are fewer spots to fill.

You don’t have to play tennis to have a tennis elbow


SEPTEMBER 2015 – You’ve probably heard of or know someone who has had tennis elbow.  Despite its prevalence, few people have a good understanding of what tennis elbow really is or how to treat it.

What’s especially confusing is despite the name, most people who develop tennis elbow do so without ever picking up a tennis racquet. Think about it, when was the last time you heard of a Serena Williams or Novak Djokovic missing a match due to tennis elbow?

Instead, tennis elbow is much more likely to occur in someone, like you or me, and it is often completely unrelated to sport participation.  

K-State’s Travis Britz is no longer overlooked


SEPTEMBER 2015 – Travis Britz grew up in the Kansas City area. He has certainly watched Kansas City Royals left fielder Alex Gordon throw out runners trying to stretch an extra base. For years, opponents would challenge Gordon’s arm, and Gordon would keep proving that it wasn’t a good challenge.

Gordon led the American League with 20 outfield assists in 2011, his first year in left field, when he won the first of four straight Gold Gloves. He had back-to-back seasons of 17 assists. Finally, teams stopped trying to gain that extra base. Gordon finished with just eight outfield assists last year, when he won the Platinum Glove for the best defender at any position in the American League.

Why is that relevant in college football? Because Britz is Kansas State’s version of Gordon.

A healthy Tre Parmalee would bolster KU Jayhawks receiving unit


SEPTEMBER 2015 – Kansas wide receiver Tre Parmalee can still close his eyes and remember those dreamy days as a kid in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in the living room with his dad, Bernie, and sharing their love for football.

“My dad was sitting on the couch throwing me the ball, tossing the ball,” Parmalee said. “I would catch it and throw it back to him.”

It was their sanctuary, their own little world.

“We would enjoy father, son time,” the younger Parmalee said.

Get ready for more Royals playoff baseball at Kauffman Stadium


SEPTEMBER 2015 – After 29 years between playoff appearances, the Kansas City Royals will be going back to the playoffs again this year.


They entered September, 30 games above .500, a 13-game bulge over the Minnesota Twins to win their first ever American League Central Division championship

Chiefs’ Franchise Four starts with Len Dawson


SEPTEMBER 2015 – This year Major League Baseball came up with the franchise four idea and asked what four players you would have on your team’s Mount Rushmore.  Radio, TV and social media all joined in on the debate on who would be worthy of the honor.

For Royal’s fans, the final vote went to George Brett, Dan Quisenberry, Bret Saberhagen and Frank White.  George and Frank were shoo-ins, while others felt Hal McRae, Willie Wilson, Dennis Leonard or Amos Otis deserved the recognition.  The challenge had to be even greater for New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox or Cincinnati Reds fans, since their franchises have been around for more than 100 years.

Recently, I was approached about who would make the Kansas City Chiefs superfecta. 

Eric Berry will be an inspiration to Chiefs teammates


SEPTEMBER 2015 – Safety Eric Berry shocked the world—including his Kansas City Chiefs teammates and coaches—when he showed up the first day of training camp in St. Joseph, ready to play. Just 247 days after the devastating news that he had Hodgkin lymphoma, Berry was back on the field.

He is the inspiration for the 2015 Chiefs, whether or not he makes a single tackle or breaks up a single pass.

“It gives me chills,” said linebacker Justin Houston, who gained notoriety last season after recording sacks by lifting his jersey and pointing to Berry’s No. 29 handwritten on his T-shirt.

How the Kansas City Royals built a championship club


SEPTEMBER 2015 – After crowned the American League champions last year and entering September with the AL best record, let’s examine how these Kansas City Royals were built by general manager Dayton Moore and his lieutenants.

It began a decade ago with the selection of Alex Gordon, the second overall pick in the 2005 draft. Gordon appeared to be a bust early, with sub-par batting averages – .215 in 2010 and .232 in 2009 – and just average power. Then Kevin Seitzer modified his swing — a .303 average with a career high 23 home runs in 2011