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Jeremy Maclin, Chiefs embark on “special” season

Jeremy Maclin

OCTOBER 2015 – The Kansas City Chiefs worked aggressively in the offseason to improve their roster, but is the hype surrounding the team merely the usual autumn hubris? Newly-acquired wide receiver Jeremy Maclin doesn’t think so.

“We’ve got something special,” Jeremy Maclin said.

Alex Smith…Can he lead the Chiefs to the Promised Land?

Alex Smith

OCTOBER 2015 – Does Alex Smith have what it takes? It’s typical for the media and the fans to go with the notion that in order for a team to make it to the Super Bowl, they need a solid quarterback who can lead the team and win the big games.

There is the offense, defense and special teams with 11 players coming together as one unit to provide the best opportunity to win.

Each member has a part to play; however, we all know the quarterback is in the spotlight each and every offensive snap.