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  • Will the CHIEFS bold draft moves pay big dividends in the future?
  • TOP 10 CHIEFS DRAFT PICKS of all time
  • Why were the ROYALS NOT GOOD in April?
  • ROYALS glad to flip the calendar to May
  • Interview with ROYALS DH Brandon Moss
  • U.S. Army Top Performer interview
  • Feature on WinterStone Golf Course
  • Improve your golf game by looking at your golf divots
  • SPORTING KC’S Daniel Salloi earning his MLS stripes
  • GATEWAY VILLAGE residential building is under construction
  • “Old” isn’t what it used to be
  • CHLOE’S CORNER: Q&A with Skip Span
  • Pain changes how you move
  • KC ICE CENTER features Colorpalooza in May

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Biggest 1st round draft busts of the Kansas City Chiefs

Chiefs Draft Busts

When it comes to the NFL Draft, there’s always possibility that not every pick made will actually pan out. For every Peyton Manning taken in the first round, there’s almost always a Jamarcus Russell taken as one of the top picks. The Chiefs are no exception. Recently, their first-round picks have been homeruns, picking up Pro Bowl-caliber players, such as Marcus Peters, Dontari Poe and Eric Berry. On the flip side, they have made some major blunders in the first round. After taking a look at the best Chiefs draft picks, now we take a look at the five biggest first-round draft busts by Kansas City.