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Articles inside this issue of KC Sports:

  • DANNY DUFFY‘s injury puts ROYALS‘ rotation in a bind
  • Time is rapidly running out for a ROYALS‘ turnaround
  • CHIEFS off-season answers from Andy Reid, Dee Ford and Spencer Ware
  • EAGLES’ LANDING is designed for golfers to enjoy their rounds
  • Fun games to play on the golf course
  • GOLF TIP: Keep your head in the game!
  • GOLF HOSPITALITY ASSOCIATION highlights professionalism
  • GOLFER’S ELBOW can strike more than just golfers
  • GOLF TIP: Proper hip rotation can add power to your swing
  • Physical restrictions can affect your golf game & how to fix them
  • More simple tips to help improve your golf game
  • La Masia connection pays dividends for SPORTING KC
  • GATEWAY VILLAGE brings unique experience to families
  • CHLOE’S CORNER: Q&A with Aaron Marchetti
  • Future Soldiers selected as June U.S. ARMY TOP PERFORMERS
  • KC ICE CENTER hosts summer camps and clinics

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Countdown: The Top 5 NBA players drafted from Missouri basketball

Missouri Basketball Top NBA Players

As the NBA playoffs continue and the NBA draft approaches soon, plus to get our fill of basketball in the area until the college season starts, we decided to look at the best players drafted to the NBA from Mizzou, Kansas State and Kansas. This is all based on their NBA careers and not what they did in college. To that point, most of these players had good college careers that caused them to get drafted to the NBA. Not only that, we are only including players that were drafted, meaning anyone that went undrafted will not be included. To kick things off, we start with the best to come from the University of Missouri basketball program.