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Coaching or managing a team isn’t for everyone


From age seven to 37, I played baseball under the guidance of dozens of coaches and managers.  From age 7 to 22, I played as an amateur, and then, after I signed my first pro contract with the Washington Senators in 1971, I played 16 years as a professional, including under Royals Hall of Fame manager Dick Howser. I would like to offer some personal views on the subject of coaching and/or managing.

Mavericks goalie Mason McDonald has an NHL Plan

Mavericks Mason McDonald

Most of us never get the opportunity to experience what Mason McDonald faces several times a game, and even more times in practice.

As the Kansas City Mavericks goalie, McDonald faces opponents firing slap shots, traveling more than 100 miles per hour, at his face, ribs, knees or other body parts.

And he loves it.