Chase Hanna leaves University of Kansas as Big 12 Golf Champion

Chase Hanna KU Golf

Chase Hanna is one of the top golfers in the area. Hanna’s resume includes 12 tournament victories while at Shawnee Mission East from 2009-13.

He was the 2013 Kansas City Golf Association Junior Player of the Year.

He set course records at Meadowbrook Golf Club (64), Prairie Village, Kansas; Eagle Bend (64) in Lawrence, Kansas; and Meridian Hills Country Club (63) in Indianapolis.

Hanna went to Kansas and became one of the best golfers in school history, ending his college career by placing first in the Big 12 Championship and named All-Big 12.

Hanna recently sat down with Drew Parks for an exclusive interview for Kansas City Sports and Fitness Magazine.

Drew Parks: What got you started into the game of golf?
Chase Hanna: My grandpa got me into golf at a super young age. I played when I was as young as I can remember. He took me out with some plastic clubs and I liked it. I just fell in love with it and ran with it from there.

Drew Parks: Why did you decide to start playing competitively?
Chase Hanna: I just liked it and I love to compete. I think there’s nothing better than being under pressure and hitting a round of golf whenever it actually means something. I just enjoyed it and I liked trying to be the best.

Drew Parks: Why did you decide to go to KU?
Chase Hanna:I decided to go to KU because, for one, I’ve been a die-hard KU fan for my whole life. My dad went there, my grandpa went there, my cousin, he’s my age, went there with me. I grew up a big KU fan and I always thought it would be cool to play golf there. Also, I was Coach Bermel’s first recruiting class at KU and to sit down with him when he got the job, I could see his vision for the program to really turn it around and get KU on the national stage and being able to compete for Big 12. I could tell that was his goal and he didn’t want to settle for being average and I liked that about him. It was the best of both worlds. I could stay close to home and still develop as a player by going to KU.

Drew Parks: I’d seen you are qualifying for the U.S. Open. What are your future plans to continue your golf career?
Chase Hanna: I’m planning to stay amateur this summer, probably most of July as an amateur. Then, hopefully, build off the year I had at KU and turn professional is my plan later in the summer or early fall, so I’m excited about that.

Drew Parks: You’ve got such a decorated golf career overall. What are some of your favorite.
Chase Hanna: Playing the Watson Challenge in Kansas City was pretty fun, getting to compete with one of the legends of the game in Tom Watson down the stretch. That was a big win for me and just a great experience getting to compete with such an accomplished player like Tom Watson. It’s pretty cool to get to play in front of a lot of friends and family and it’s just really a cool event. And then a great memory from just a few weeks ago is the Big 12 Tournament and what it meant. Probably those two and making the putt on the last hole of the Big 12 Tournament.

Drew Parks: What tips would you give young golfers who are starting to play competitively?
Chase Hanna: I would say that’s important to have friends you can play with. It makes it more enjoyable and it makes you want to go to the golf course and spend more time there and helps make you better. Another thing I would say is play in tournaments and competitive settings. I can’t remember who said it, Arnold Palmer or Jack Nicklaus, they were asked a similar question and they said play in as many tournaments as you can, and I would agree with that. It’s really good to play in a lot of tournaments and be under the gun and all that. Find a group of guys you can play with daily, in practice or whatever, and then play in tournaments. The main thing is to have fun, though. If you’re not having fun, then you’re not going to be very good at it.

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