Super Bowl appearance? – Chiefs are long overdue

NOVEMBER 2016 – It is past time for the Chiefs to be in a Super Bowl game.

The World Series has ended and we are right smack dab in the middle of the NFL campaign. As many of us are still discouraged at the Royals’ .500 record and failure to make the postseason, but it really begins to shed light on how long it has been for the Kansas City Chiefs to appear in the Super Bowl.

If the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians, two long overdue franchises, can make it to the 2016 World Series, the Chiefs surely can advance to the Super Bowl.

We are just a few years short of a half a century away from appearing in the big game. As most know, the Chiefs were in the first and fourth Super Bowl with powerhouse teams led by Hall of Fame coach Hank Stram. Chiefs fans continue to fill Arrowhead Stadium with the hopes of bringing the Lombardi Trophy to Kansas City once again.

I was a few weeks short of three when Kansas City defeated the Minnesota Vikings 23-7 at the old Tulane Stadium in New Orleans back in January of 1970. Thanks for NFL films, I can relive those great moments of Lynn Dawson, Mike Garrett, Otis Taylor, Buck Buchanan, Willie Lanier, E.J. Holub, Emmitt Thomas and Jan Stenerud, plus, of course, the 65 toss power trap.

Kansas City fans may have been spoiled by the last two Royals’ World Series runs, which I truly feel should be added pressure to the Chiefs’ organization to reach the pinnacle. We’ve talked about this in the past, and we all scratch our heads wondering if each and every year the team that is assembled is capable of winning it all.

To win the Super Bowl you need talent, luck, a favorable schedule, and leadership that can handle the pressure to win games in January and February and overcome the obstacles that it takes to be the best.

While there are a few other teams that are waiting longer or have never been in the Super Bowl, it is time for the Chiefs organization to make a solid run at the ultimate championship. Sure we can call out the Hunt family, the performance of Alex Smith and the Andy Reid coaching decisions; however, decades of Chiefs fans have done their part to support this organization.

This could be the type of the year in which we can make this happen. It starts first in our division then in our conference then the run of the playoffs. The Chiefs are starting to look like a well-balanced team, although the Pittsburgh loss exposed warts, and now it is time for a little luck to kick in. Although you never wish ill-will on the opposition, injuries do happen and maybe, just maybe, we can get to the Promised Land.

The Royals showed the Chiefs a small-market team can win it all, especially here in the Midwest. The Hunt family should try to do everything in their power to bring a Super Bowl championship home in the next few years. Loyal fans have packed Arrowhead for years waiting patiently and now it is time to repay them by providing a Super Bowl caliber team.

Article by James Peuster.

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