Fantasy football and the Chiefs; which players should you draft?

Not only are we coming up on the start of the NFL regular season, but many of us are approaching our fantasy football drafts. We all want to draft the top team in our league, but you can’t help the desire to pick some of your hometown players. Well we are here break down some players’ fantasy value and when to draft them so you can have a great fantasy football team lead by some of your favorite Chiefs. Note: This will be based on a normal, 10-12 team league fantasy football draft.

QB Alex Smith

While Smith may be a solid NFL quarterback, he is not a good fantasy football quarterback. Last season, Smith finished 22nd among quarterbacks in fantasy points by scoring 223 points. That might sound okay, but 18 quarterbacks scored 250+ points and 5 quarterbacks scored over 300 points last year. The lack of passing touchdowns last year really hurt Smith’s fantasy value last year, having only 15, plus after his concussion, Smith didn’t run the ball as often, giving him less opportunities to score fantasy points. Expectations are for Smith to have a better year, but not by much. Smith would work as a back-up quarterback on your fantasy team you could draft in the last couple rounds, but there are better options at quarterback to have on your fantasy team, so you might pass on Smith in your fantasy draft and possibly pick him up as a free agent if one of your quarterbacks gets hurt or is having a bad year.

RB Kareem Hunt

At the start of the preseason, Hunt looked to be a good number-two running back for the Chiefs and a solid flex-position or back-up running back on a fantasy team. Now that Spencer Ware is likely out for the season, Hunt will be the top back for the Chiefs and a high-value fantasy running back. Hunt has shown a lot of potential during the preseason in both rushing and receiving, averaging 4.4 yards per carry and has 4 catches for 31 yards. Good running backs are a big commodity in fantasy football and go fast in the draft, so Hunt should be high on your fantasy draft board and would be a good pick in the second round or no later than the third round.

WR Tyreek Hill

Hill is a player that could either win a matchup for you or lose it. When Hill has a good game, he scores huge in fantasy football, being the 15th highest scoring receiver in fantasy football last year. The problem, however, was he didn’t get consistent receiving or rushing yards each game to score fantasy points consistently. This season should be different now that Hill is the top receiver for the Chiefs and the Chiefs’ game plan is to give Hill the ball more often, which will be great for fantasy owners since he lead the team in receiving touchdowns last year. This should translate to Hill being a more consistent scorer that will have some big games every so often this season. Hill should be high on your draft board as a starting receiver that will help lead your team, but not a top receiver. You can wait on Hill for a few rounds, but make sure to draft him in the fourth or fifth round so you don’t miss out on the speedster.

WR Albert Wilson

Wilson isn’t getting too much fantasy attention, and it’s probably for good reason. Even though he’s expected to be the Chiefs number-two receiver, that shouldn’t mean much for fantasy owners. The Chiefs passing offense won’t provide the best numbers compared to some other offenses (see Alex Smith above), which hurts Wilson’s fantasy value. On top of that, with Alex Smith’s play style and the Chiefs game plan, most of the targets will be going towards Travis Kelce, Tyreek Hill, and the running backs, which won’t leave many targets for Wilson. In fact, last season Wilson was fifth on the team in targets with 51 and sixth in catches with 31. If you want to draft Wilson, you could take him somewhere in the last two rounds and be a back-up receiver, however, you could get better receivers in those same rounds. Unless you’re in a bigger league and need another receiver in the draft, you might be better off picking him up after the draft as a free agent if he starts off hot or one of your receivers get hurt.

TE Travis Kelce

Unless an injury keeps him out this season, Kelce will be one of the top tight ends in the league this season. He’s Alex Smith’s favorite target, leading the Chiefs in targets, catches and receiving yards, and one of the most athletic players at his position. What does this mean from a fantasy stand-point? Kelce will also be a top fantasy tight end. He was the highest scoring tight end in fantasy football last season and could score even more this year. According to Andy Reid, the team would like to utilize Kelce’s size and talent more in the red zone, which gives him a better chance at getting more touchdowns and score even more in fantasy football. Kelce should be competing with Rob Gronkowski as your top tight end to draft. Now tight ends aren’t as valuable in fantasy football because they usually don’t score as much as the other skill positions and there’s only one designated spot to start a tight end in standard leagues., so you should be careful not to take Kelce too early, but that also doesn’t mean he won’t be picked quick. If you want Kelce on your team, go for him in the third round or the fourth at the latest.

Chiefs Defense/Special Teams

Not only did the Chiefs have one of the best defenses in the league last year, but they had the highest scoring defense and special teams in fantasy football. This was in large part due to the 10 touchdowns the two units scored, plus being fifth in the league in least points allowed. The only downside to the Chiefs defense last season was the lack of sacks, being 28th in the league in sacks. The D/ST might have a bit of a drop-off this year, but will still be a top-five fantasy football unit. It will be hard for the team to repeat the 10 touchdowns, with defensive touchdowns being hard to consistently score and Tyreek Hill not being as involved in the return game. However, the Chiefs defense looks to improve this season with a healthy Justin Houston, who should help the Chiefs lack of sacks. You should have the Chiefs D/ST as one of your top choices with their ability to keep other teams from scoring and to cause turnovers. You can always wait until the later rounds for a top defense, so you can get your starters and back-ups in the offensive positions. If you want to play it safe and make sure you get them, pick them in the 11th or 12th round, but you could wait another round or two and still pick the Chiefs D/ST.

K Cairo Santos

Kickers don’t have a lot of fantasy value, but having a consistent kicker that has a lot of extra point/field goal attempts can help give your team a boost in close matchups. Fortunately, Cairo Santos falls into that category of being a consistent scorer on a fairly high-scoring team. Last season, Santos tied for the eighth-highest scoring kicker in fantasy football and he had a lot of kicking attempts, with the Chiefs tied for the ninth-most field goal attempts and the twelfth-most extra point attempts in the NFL. Santos showed his consistency to make those attempts, only missing four field goals and three extra point attempts. There are kickers available that will have more scoring opportunities, but his consistency and good amount of scoring attempts makes Santos worth adding to your team, especially if you want more Chiefs on your fantasy team. Just make sure not to draft Santos or any other kicker too soon. Wait until one of the last two rounds to pick Santos.

What do you think? Which Chiefs did you pick or want to pick for your fantasy team? What’s the best Chiefs-themed fantasy football team name you’ve seen? Let us know in the comments!

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