The Chiefs are very good…these 5 things will make them great

For the past few years, NFL teams that start 3-0 typically have a 75 percent chance to make it to the playoffs. Teams that start 4-0 usually are above 80 percent and 5-0 gets you in the 90 percent chance range of extending your season. The Chiefs have odds in their favor.

Making it to the post-season isn’t an easy feat and coach Andy Reid has gotten us there three out of the last four years. As we stroll down the old road to the Super Bowl, let’s look at what we have seen so far.  The Chiefs have had to overcome some hurdles and a few speed bumps along the way.  To be a playoff team, you need the following:

One, win the games you are supposed to win. We all know the story line, where the Chiefs upset a powerhouse team, then only to lose to some team they shouldn’t have. We get the “any given Sunday” analogy; however, losing at home against inferior opponents have been an all too frequent occurrences at Arrowhead.  Last year it was the Tennessee Titans.  KC needs to stay focused like it did Week Two against the Eagles.

Two, perform as a playoff team during the regular season again other perennial powerhouses. The Chiefs beating Patriots at Foxboro set the table they are legit.  We have a number of games this season against playoff-caliber teams and we must execute the big plays.  KC has shown that.  The injury to Spencer Ware opened the door for Kareem Hunt, who was the September AFL Offensive Player of the Month and looks to literally be running away from the pack early on as this year’s Rookie of the Year.  Add Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce to the mix and we should have a fun ride the rest of the year.

Three, if would be nice if the star opposing players would be on a downward slide. This is where many believe the New England Patriots are entering the arena as slowing down. Opposing teams have put up some big yards against New England and this can spell trouble for Bill Belichick and Tom Brady.  Obviously, we have a long way to go.

Fourth, climb aboard a momentum wave and enjoy the ride.  I felt like the Chiefs schedule is easier in the second half. The Chiefs are expanding leads in the fourth quarter this season on their way to victories against the Patriots, Eagles and Chargers.

Fifth, you need luck. So far we haven’t had that big lucky break, but we haven’t needed it. Sometimes it’s a blown call or a lucky bounce. It could be a questionable call, a missed field goal and missed opportunity.  We haven’t seen that yet and I mean YET.  This looks like this could be the heart of lucky bounces, great play calling and execution for the Chiefs. Quarterback Alex Smith is playing for a new contract — maybe he will be this year’s Joe Flacco — and that’s not a bad thing.

The bottom line is or we a good team, a great team or a team of destiny to get to the ultimate destination the Super Bowl? The Chiefs continue to excite the fans with post-season appearances, yet the big game eludes us. The Kansas City Royals got us a banner, winning the 2015 World Series, which generations will always remember. It is time for the Chiefs to do the same. I predicted a Super Bowl appearance for KC and so far I like what I see. Maybe, just maybe the Lombardi trophy returns to Kansas City fans.

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Article by James Peuster

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