Are the Chiefs looking for a new identity and changes made matter in the 2017 season?

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With all the changes and questions heading into the season, are the Chiefs looking for a new identity or brand and will it matter this year?

It’s pretty common for any sports organization to look for another path or brand that ultimately leads to success.The 2017 New York Yankees are winning with home-grown players, where in years past, a George Steinbrenner owned team bought their championships.

Some teams move from one city to another and others simply change uniforms or logos. Teams look to acquiring players to replace the ones they can’t afford or who just didn’t get the job done. Any way you look at it, change is inevitable in pro sports, but does it equate to future success or a repeat of the past?

This leads me to where the Kansas City Chiefs are heading entering the NFL season. Many of us don’t have to Google to recall the Chiefs’ 12-4 record from last year, but we might have to in order to recall the win-lost records from years past. Some can correctly remember most of the playoff appearances, well as the results and disappointments.

Most of us know that the Chiefs haven’t sniffed a Super Bowl since January 1970. Kansas City fans are ready for another run to the Lombardi trophy, but realistically most anticipate falling short once again. So, questions arise…are the Chiefs looking for a new identity, or brand, and will it matter this year?

When I first heard of the firing of John Dorsey, I was a bit shocked. Disagreements are part of management decisions and I felt like he has done a good job with the handling of the Chiefs’ player personnel. I wasn’t too surprised by the releasing of Jamaal Charles; however, Jeremy Maclin’s departure remains somewhat questionable to me.

Anyone can scratch their heads after draft day, but the true barometer of most of the players selected won’t be known for two or three years.

I just wonder what is the organization’s game plan to improve the team and put out an Uber-competitive product so that we can finally achieve the ultimate prize – a Super Bowl ring.

Enter Brett Veach, someone who has a history with Andy Reid, as the new general manager. He worked as a scout and as Andy Reid’s assistant. While Dorsey and Reid had different leadershipand management styles, the Veach promotion may present less stress internally for owner Clark Hunt and the rest of the organization. Veach may be more salary cap aware than Dorsey was.

Does that mean anything for this year – who knows? But maybe there will be a unified effort to build a winning team.

Reid looks to continue to run with the slightly above average offense, while running a super aggressive defense in order to contend. The fact the Chiefs have reached the playoffs in three of the past four years is a positive stat.

Quarterback Alex Smith has a 41-20 record for the past four years, while only Tom Brady and Russell Wilson have more victories in that span. Smith threw for more than 3,500 yards last year, yet the Chiefs drafted Texas Tech quarterback Patrick Mahomes II in the first round, much to the joy of many Chiefs fans.

I have stated many times I like Smith, but he lacks the tools of most Super Bowl- caliber QBs. Despite the release of Maclin, the Chiefs have Chris Conway, Albert Wilson to compliment speedster Tyreek Hill and all-pro tight end Travis Kelce.

Kareem Hunt was drafted in the third round and may become the feature back this year.The defense played well even with Justin Houston, Derrick Johnson and Allen Bailey injured.

The secondary looks great once again with Eric Berry and Marcus Peters.

But one thing still stands out with coach Andy Reid, he is like the Ned Yost of NFL coaching. We often question his decision making, especially with the game clock, and we are 1-3 in the post-season with him.

But 2017 looks to be eerily similar to the 2017 Royals’ season – either advance or move-on. I’m not sure how 2017 looks for the boys in red, but the Chiefs may look quite differently in the next few years and I wouldn’t be surprised if they strive to rebuild for the future.

The great thing about the NFL is you can both win and restructure year after year. Maybe the Dorsey departure will lead to better things. Only time will tell.

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Article by James Peuster

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