Chiefs: Off-season answers from Andy Reid, Dee Ford and Spencer Ware

Chiefs Andy Reid Spencer Ware Dee Ford

Kansas City Sports & Fitness Magazine caught up with the KC Chiefs Andy Reid, Dee Ford and Spencer Ware and discussed a variety of off-season topics including the QB position plus recent draft and contract decisions that could affect the 2017 season.


Q: How important is it to establish that this is Alex Smith’s team coming into camp?
REID: “I think a given is that Alex [Smith] has been here, he’s done well and all the guys understand that. There’s more than just stepping back and throwing the football. That position has grown into a tough thing to pick up right away. That young kid [Patrick Mahomes] is going to learn. That’s what he’s going to do. He’s got a great room there to learn in between the players and the coaches in there. Then I expect Alex [Smith] to go in and win. That’s what he’s going to do. He doesn’t think any different than that. He’s not looking back, he’s moving forward and that’s an important thing. He’s been around it a little bit.”

Q: What have you seen in Patrick Mahomes growth from his college days until now?
REID: “Listen, [Kliff] Kingsbury does a phenomenal job. That offense they run is great. It’s just different than what we do here. He’s learning to take drops, stay in the pocket and do the things that we expect him to do here. The thing you see is the vision that he had in college and the arm strength and accuracy. You see those things. He’s learning the drops, learning the play calls in the huddle, learning how to make calls at the line of scrimmage and he’s got a whole plate of things there that he’s got to digest.
One thing I appreciate about him though is that he’s one of those guys
that wants to be great. That’s how he’s approaching the game.”

Q: Does Tyler Bray have a legitimate opportunity to hold onto that No. 2 quarterback spot throughout the season?
REID: “He’s going to compete. I would tell you that’s what he does. But he’s got to do that. That’s the unknown right now. He’s earned the right to be in that position and now he’s got to maintain it.”

Q: Away from the playbook, what is Tyler Bray’s biggest strength?
REID: “He’s always had real good instincts and good vision. There’s more than just the playbook, there’s doing things at the line of scrimmage that we ask him to do and adjustments we ask him to make and he does well with those things.”

DEE FORD – Chiefs LB

Q: How do you feel about the Chiefs exercising the fifth year on your contract?
FORD: “I feel great about it…I try not to think about it too much. I let my agent handle things contractually and I focus on getting better and focus on my craft.”

Q: How do you explain your season last year when comparing both halves
of it?
FORD: “It was inconsistency. There were high points and there were low points. The ultimate point was that I wasn’t healthy. That’s the ultimate goal heading into this year – to be more consistent. You’re going to tweak and get better at things as you go, but the ultimate goal is to be healthy so you can execute those things.”

Q: What can you do to make this season a little more even in that regard?
FORD: “That’s what you’re doing right now. You look back at this time last year and what you were doing and you tweak your plan so you don’t run into those brick walls. I’ve answered that question as far as ‘What do you do to be more consistent?’ and I found that out.”

Q: How does the side of the line you play on impact your production?
FORD: “I do different moves on the right side of the line than I do on the left. But I can rush on both sides.”

Q: How much have you added to your pass-rushing repertoire?
FORD: “I haven’t added too much. I’m still trying to master what I do. I haven’t mastered the moves that I already do so I’m not going to add any.”


Q: What did you learn from last year when it comes to recovery and keeping your body fresh?
WARE: “Just really being consistent. This is the time right now that is most crucial because it’ll take you along through the season. You can’t try to take care of your body once the season starts or you’re already behind.”

Q: Do you feel like you accomplished what you realistically could have accomplished in your first season as a full-time running back?
WARE: “I feel like I went out, played hard, executed my job and helped the team get wins. I’m not all about myself. Last year we finished 12-4, we didn’t get to the place where we wanted to be but we’ll get better this year.”

Q: How much of a reaction, if any, do you have when your team drafts a running back reasonably high?
WARE: “I really don’t know. This is my first time experiencing it. We’ll welcome anyone into the room. Like I said, we’re trying to get better and I trust everyone on our staff. John Dorsey and Andy Reid are going to bring in the right guys in order to help us get over that hump.”

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