Can the Kansas City Chiefs go far in the playoffs in 2018?

Every year we wish for the Kansas City Chiefs to make it to the postseason. Once again the Chiefs not only accomplished that feat, but won the AFC West division two years in a row for the first time in franchise history.

Although it might be Alex Smith‘s last year with the Chiefs, he displayed a little more emphasis on the deep pass, plus his traditional exceptional short game, to have his best season ever. While many were hoping Patrick Mahomes would be the starting quarterback halfway through the season, Smith’s excellent season kept the rookie on the bench and learning week until Week 17 at Denver.

Rookie third-round pick Kareem Hunt has stepped up and given the fans more than they bargained for and is the future and the present at running back.

Marcus Peters shines once again on defense, although some of his behavior was questioned to the point that coach Andy Reid suspended him for a game.

Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill provide excitement down field and provide Smith with two excellent targets.

The Chiefs started the season by defeating the defending Super Bowl champion New England Patriots and set the expectations high for the season. But the question remains how far will and can the Chiefs go In the playoffs?

In my BLT prediction, I did say the Chiefs would go to the championship game, but the middle of the season left me with doubts. The excitement provided by Kansas City’s 5-0 start quickly turned into pessimism in the postseason.  We will have to win one game on the road to make it to the AFC championship game. Assuming the Chiefs win a home first-round playoff game, they would have to go to either Pittsburgh or New England. No easy chore.

Many of us longtime fans would love to see them just get a playoff victory at Arrowhead as year after year our Super Bowl hopes turned into grief as our season was cut short on our own home turf. I always look at football teams and see if they actually are playoff caliber teams.

The Chiefs do hold victories over the Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles, both Number One seeds, so they are capable of beating the better teams.  The Chiefs also lost to the New York teams, the Giants and Jets, who are not to be confused with good teams.  So on any given Sunday, the Chiefs could beat the best or lose to a bad team.

It takes more than just luck to get past these teams in the playoffs.

The season starts over in the playoffs and hopefully we will experience a win like we did at Foxboro oh so many weeks ago. It is one thing to win in September, but another to win in January.

It is time for us to get further than one and done. It is time for Reid and Smith to put a game plan together that will equate to continued playoff wins. I think we just might reach that AFC Championship game this year. I’m sticking to my preseason prediction.

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Article by James Peuster

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