Chiefs Kingdom is big reason team training camp should stay in St. Joseph

Training Camp

Since 2010, the Chiefs have hosted their training camp on the Missouri Western State University campus. At the end of this training camp though, the contract the team and the school have will be up and the Chiefs could look for a new camp destination.

The team does have optional extensions the next two years to stay in St. Joseph, but will they choose to stay there? According to team president Mark Donovan, you can expect to see the Chiefs back at Missouri Western for future training camps.

“Our intention is to come back. It has been a great experience for us,” Donovan said.

That sounds pretty good to Chiefs fans, being able to have the team closer compared to when they had camp in River Falls, Wisconsin. But what makes the team want to keep coming back? For Donovan, it’s about how Missouri Western can do even the little things for the team.

“The little things behind the scenes that nobody sees and nobody knows about that may seem like the smallest thing, after a couple years of understanding how we work, the university understands that fully now. They jump right in and Dr. Vartabedian (president of Missouri Western) leads that team,” Donovan said. “They get it done and this is critical to us.”

Not only has the university been a big reason for the Chiefs to want training camp in St. Joseph, but being closer to the team’s fanbase has played a large part. Not only is the Chiefs Kingdom a big reason to stay, but it was a big reason why the Chiefs wanted to bring camp back to Missouri.

“That is one of the biggest benefits, when the decision was made to move back from River Falls, the opportunity to get closer to the Kingdom. And the strategic advantage of being in St. Joe,” Donovan said. “But bringing it back to the fan base, creating an environment that was more easily accessible to the fans was a big driver in moving back to Missouri.”

Even though the team has enjoyed having camp at Missouri Western, they have still looked at other options. As they’ve weighed out the options, the university still stands out to the organization as the top option.

“We, obviously, have looked at a bunch of different options. There are options out there. We like it here. We like the relationship. We like the efficiency. We like the familiarity and consistency, so I think it would be tough for somebody to come in and wow us and take it away from here,” Donovan said.

Although the team has shown that they want to continue having camp in St. Joe in the future, things would not become official until after camp. Donovan said that they will wait until camp is over and then talk to Dr. Vartabedian about continuing camp on campus.

“We will go through all the things that went well and the things that we want to change, and we will figure out next year,” said Donovan.

We won’t have to take too long until we hear where the Chiefs will have training camp next season, though.

“We will know what we are doing for next year within three weeks after camp this year. And that is what we did with the extension as well,” Donovan said.

Have you been to Chiefs training camp? Would you like for them to stay in St. Joseph or even move somewhere else, like to Kansas City? Let us know in the comments!

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