Chloe’s Corner Tennis Report: Interview with top-ranked Brooklyn Olson

Brooklyn Olson

Brooklyn Olson, an 11-year-old girl, ranked very highly in MO Valley girls’ 12’s and 14’s. She also has a national ranking in the girls’ 12’s.

Brooklyn has been to many national tournaments, Sweet 16’s, Futures/Supers, and has won quite a few of them. She has been playing tennis for more than half her life and currently trains at Marchetti Tennis Academy, which just recently moved to Clayview Country Club.

Here is an exclusive Kansas City Sports & Fitness Magazine Chloe’s Corner interview with Brooklyn:

Chloe: How long have you been playing tennis?
Brooklyn: I started playing when I was five. We played with special red balls that are bigger and move slower than a yellow tennis ball. The courts we played on were half the size of a regular court.

Chloe: How long have you been playing at Marchetti Tennis Academy? Where did you play before?
Brooklyn: We have been at Marchetti Tennis for four years. Before that I played at Woodside with Mary Spencer (who is now at Homestead Country Club). We moved because we needed to find more competition and we had heard of Aaron (Marchetti) from a friend.

Chloe: How many days do you play tennis in a week?
Brooklyn: I play pretty much six days a week. Most days it is three to four hours per day. If there is a tournament, I could play up to 30 hours in one week. That gets pretty tiring so I sleep a lot in the car on the way home.

Chloe: What is the biggest/most difficult tournament you have won?
Brooklyn: I have won a couple different national tournaments. In one I was not feeling well in the first round of the tourney. We were in Georgia and it was really hot. I threw up midway through the match. The match was nearly 3 hours long, but I came back and got it. The score was 3-6, 6-1, 10-7. The girl I beat in the final was a blue-chip player out Wisconsin. She was big, but I beat her in straight sets.

Chloe: What do you enjoy most about tennis? What do you least enjoy?
Brooklyn: I like winning. The coaches make us run a lot that is tough. We get to travel to nice places like Georgia, Florida and Arizona. The hotels are cool and I get to have fun with a lot of the other kids that are playing. I really like the kids in our academy. During the summer we have lunch together, swim and play ping pong.

Chloe: What are your future plans/goals for tennis?
Brooklyn: I want to play college tennis for a big school like Georgia, North Carolina, Florida or Clemson. I want to be a pro after college.

Chloe: Where do you want to go to college? Do you want to play tennis there?
Brooklyn: My mom and dad want me to play at a college close to home so they can watch. But I want to go to a big school some place warm.

Chloe: Do you sometimes find tennis tiring? How do you push through that?
Brooklyn: Hot days are tough. My legs get sore and feel weak sometimes. I just try to block it out. My opponent is tired too, so I tell myself I’m tougher than they are.

Chloe: What is the strongest part of your game (strokes, serve, emotional stability, etc.)?
Brooklyn: I am very consistent. My ground strokes are strong on both sides and I can hit angles from all over the court. I don’t show a lot of emotion on the court. I pretty much stay calm.

Chloe: What are you ranked in the girls’ 12’s? What about the 14’s?
Brooklyn: I am No. 1 in the Missouri Valley in girls 12’s. I am No. 19 in the nation which is pretty good because I just turned 11. So I have nearly 2 years to get higher. I am No. 6 in girls 14’s in the Valley and that is what I will compete in over the next year.

Chloe: Do you and your siblings play tennis together a lot? Are they good competition for you? Why or why not?
Brooklyn: I play with both of my brothers. Carter is 12 and we have always hit together. Coach Aaron says it’s important we work together and push each other. We make each other better. Sawyer my youngest brother just started playing in the academy. He is going to be a good player. He thinks he will beat me in the next years. He is crazy; that is impossible!

Chloe Norris is a 14 year old, high school freshman, who loves tennis, writing, her dog Chester and her family. She is a member of the Park Hill South Varsity Tennis team. Watch for her interviews each month in Kansas City Sports & Fitness.

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