Chloe’s Corner Tennis Report: Q&A with Elliott McDermed of OP Raquet Club

Elliott McDermed and Eric Rand are the owners of Overland Park Racquet Club in Overland Park, KS. They have owned OPRC for three years.

It is the largest tennis facility in Kansas City with 24 courts- 14 indoor and 10 outdoor. Four new clay courts were also installed in April. Additionally, there is a full-service restaurant and pro shop.

OPRC was recently voted one of the top 50 tennis facilities in the United States by Tennis Magazine.

Chloe Norris sat down with Elliot McDermed for a one-on-one interview for Kansas City Sports and Fitness Magazine.

Chloe: When was OPRC originally opened? How long have you owned it?
McDermed: The club opened in 1978. We bought the club from the original owner in June of 2014.

Chloe: About how many juniors participate in Kansas City United Tennis (KCUT)?
Editors note: KCUT is a premier college prep tennis academy located in KC
McDermed:The college prep program of KCUT typically has 50 players. We cannot have more than that because it brings down the quality of the practices. Each group of six players is given a coach to watch their every move at practice. Our overall junior program that includes our amazing Varsity Program and our 12U program totals about 300 weekly participants.

Chloe: How many people are on staff at OPRC?
McDermed: We have 17 full time coaches.

Chloe: How did it make you feel when you were voted one of the best facilities in the nation by the USTA?
McDermed:We were very proud of the recognition from the USTA. It’s validation of the effort and resources that went into the rehabilitation of this great club. Our goal from the very beginning was to take the foundation of OP and transform it into one of the best tennis playing experiences anywhere in the world.

Chloe: What do you think makes OPRC so popular amongst tennis players in the Kansas City area?
McDermed: Three things; the quality of the facility and access to 24 courts, the professionalism and genuine effort of its staff, and the level of players that come to train and compete here each day.

Chloe: What is the most challenging part about owning OPRC?
McDermed: Finding new ways to make our members enjoy the time they spend in the club. That’s why we built the clay courts, and will now have a huge fitness center downstairs with new locker rooms. Our new partnership with GreatLife Fitness and Golf also adds value and choices to our members with golf courses, fitness centers and pools as part of our OP membership.

Chloe: How many tournaments are hosted annually at OPRC? What are the most popular ones?
McDermed: We host about 20 tournaments a year. The one we are most excited about is the USTA Boys 18’s National Indoors in November. This tournament will have the best 64 boys in the US competing at our club for a national championship and a Gold Ball trophy! We also host the National 65’s Indoor Team Championships that brings over 500 participants to the club each summer.

Chloe Norris is a 14 year old, high school freshman, who loves tennis, writing, her dog Chester and her family. She is a member of the Park Hill South Varsity Tennis team. Watch for her interviews each month in Kansas City Sports & Fitness.

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