Could we see a February Super Bowl parade for the KC Chiefs?

Chiefs Union Station

JANUARY 2016 – My Branch, Limb, Twig predictions had the Chiefs missing the playoffs this year as once again I tried my best  to give the team props on having a good year, but not a great one.

The challenge for predicting a 16 game season is one or more circumstances can dictate a team or division’s path.  One team can get derailed and fail to repeat the previous season’s success while another NFL team can stun the critics and make a post-season appearance.

Teams tend to find a rhythm and play on its strengths while relying on the National Football League schedule laid out for them based on where they wound up last year and which turn they have at each league’s division.

We all remember Kansas City’s 9-0 start in 2003. We knew we weren’t that good. The power rankings showed it; the media downplayed the unbeaten streak as smoke and mirrors.

Yet you can’t take a win off the board; it’s the one stat that matters the most in all of sports.

The loss in Denver was part of our second half decline that season led to a first round loss in the playoffs, something we have grown accustomed to here in the Midwest.

The Chiefs are making a nice run. Even without Jamaal Charles, Kansas City is winning ball games, not losing them. 

The Chiefs have been aided by opposing teams’ injuries and an easier second half schedule. There was the victory in London against over the Detroit Lions, a team many thought would be as good as last year but clearly is not.

The Pittsburgh Steelers faced the Chiefs without Ben Roethlisberger. Denver has been without Peyton Manning for several weeks.

Most of Kansas City is over the hangover of celebrating the Royals’ World Series victory. Is Super Bowl 50 in the cards for the Chiefs?

If you look back at teams that won previous Super Bowls that were considered longshots, they still had something that gave them enough credibility to be there.

Recent Super Bowl winners ranked No. 1 or 2 in offense or defense.

Any team can beat up crème puff opponents. Winning against rough and rugged NFL opponents is not so easy.

But when you are matched up in a do-or-die situation, win or go home, the cream (not the puff) often rises to the top.

The Chiefs might be milking the run through the second half of the season against inferior foes, but if they make it to the postseason, it will be challenging to say the least with the mediocre teams watching on television, their season over.

The 2015 Royals made it happen with the “keep the line moving” offense, but that’s baseball, a concentrated effort of individual acts that come together as a team sport.

Football is different. It is not pitcher against hitter. Offensively 11 players match up against 11 players defensively.  Each play call must be precise and each player must make a play without penalty or fault. Leaders rise and playmakers tend to make the highlights.

For the Chiefs, I’m not sure we have that.  There is the stigma that we haven’t won a playoff game since Joe Montana was our quarterback. It’s hard to compare Alex Smith to the great Hall of Famer, although Montana was past his prime when he joined the Chiefs.

But here’s the deal. Winning a Super Bowl creates heroes; unexpected players ascend to make great plays at the right time. Trent Dilfer and Doug Williams were Super Bowl winning quarterbacks. I would take Smith over them any day.

Maybe this is the year we continue to improve on our way to Super Bowl 50.  I would love to see a February parade in the downtown Kansas City streets.

The Chiefs have shown they can win and that’s the first step and thusly should enter the playoffs with confidence.

There is hope. I’d consider a postseason victory a giant step in the right direction.  Of course we said that in 2014 when the Royals beat the A’s with a remarkable comeback in the wildcard game.  Maybe,  just maybe.

Article by James Peuster

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  1. The Chiefs saw what the Royals did and they have the same drive to make it. I BELIEVE they will do it !!!!!! Lots of prayers going with them !

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