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Articles inside this issue of KC Sports:

  • DANNY DUFFY‘s injury puts ROYALS‘ rotation in a bind
  • Time is rapidly running out for a ROYALS‘ turnaround
  • CHIEFS off-season answers from Andy Reid, Dee Ford and Spencer Ware
  • EAGLES’ LANDING is designed for golfers to enjoy their rounds
  • Fun games to play on the golf course
  • GOLF TIP: Keep your head in the game!
  • GOLF HOSPITALITY ASSOCIATION highlights professionalism
  • GOLFER’S ELBOW can strike more than just golfers
  • GOLF TIP: Proper hip rotation can add power to your swing
  • Physical restrictions can affect your golf game & how to fix them
  • More simple tips to help improve your golf game
  • La Masia connection pays dividends for SPORTING KC
  • GATEWAY VILLAGE brings unique experience to families
  • CHLOE’S CORNER: Q&A with Aaron Marchetti
  • Future Soldiers selected as June U.S. ARMY TOP PERFORMERS
  • KC ICE CENTER hosts summer camps and clinics

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