Things look bright for Derrick Johnson’s 2017 comeback with Chiefs

Derrick Johnson

One BIG questions coming into training camp this year is whether Derrick Johnson be recovered from his Achilles tendon injury suffered towards the end of last season. In the offseason, Johnson insisted he would be ready for training camp, and he has stuck to his word. Plus, from what we’ve seen and heard so far, things are “a go” for the 34-year old linebacker in the regular season.

Derrick Johnson has had a somewhat speedy recovery. It’s just been seven months since his surgery. Many questioned if Johnson would be ready for the season, but Johnson answered those questions by being out on the field during the first days of training camp.

“I think he was testing it a little bit yesterday and then today he was able to get out here and make some plays and that is good to see,” coach Andy Reid said.

Even though these first few days of camp are intended for rookies, Johnson, too will benefit from it. For the Chiefs Pro Bowler, it’s a way to get in some extra work and prepare for the season.

“It’s good to get out here with the rookies and knock off the cobwebs and get my feet wet a little before everybody else comes in. Mentally I’m almost there all the way already, but physically I’ll get a little faster during camp. So this is perfect,” Johnson said.

Not only has this time been beneficial for Johnson, but the new rookie class has benefited from having the 13-year NFL veteran available at camp.

“Young guys will ask me questions. They’re picking my brain. Seeing if I know my stuff, so I’m always on point with that,” Johnson said about working with the rookie class.

While these practices have been beneficial, they’ve been low-contact with very little hitting. With that, questions still linger whether Johnson will be ready to go all-out in full contact practices and games.

Johnson said he’s more than ready.

“Of course, yeah. I’m a linebacker, you have to embrace those moments,” Johnson said. “I’ll get back to talking noise to the running backs and talking noise to the offense. We can get our competitive juices going, and I can’t wait.”

Do you think Derrick Johnson will be ready for the 2017 season? How do you think this season will go for him? Let us know in the comments!

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