Disc Golf: a low-key sport that is easy to start and fun for all ages

Do you like to throw stuff? Who doesn’t! That’s pretty much the main requirement for playing disc golf. This sport has continued to increase in popularity – and with good reason, too. Disc golf is easy to start, welcomes players of all skill levels, and can be found all around the metro.

Kansas City is actually a hotbed for the sport. According to the Kansas City Flying Disc Club, there are about 30 disc golf courses in the KC area. National tournaments are played here, and Kansas City is home to two disc golf stores.

So what’s so great about disc golf?

Start any time. Unlike many other sports, you don’t need a ton of gear or training. Forget Frisbees – just pick up two or three discs for about $10 each and you’re all set. It’s easy to get sucked in and try different discs and pick up a fancy bag to carry your gear, but really? You just need a handful of discs.

Get outside and get some exercise. Disc golf courses are set up like regular golf courses, with 9 or 18 holes – or, in this case, baskets. While playing an 18-hole round, you’ll walk about three miles. Disc golf is a fun way to enjoy the great outdoors and explore new parks around Kansas City.

Feel better. Looking for a sport that is a low-impact and will still provide physicalactivity? No matter your shape or size, you can play a round and feel better physically and emotionally afterward. Exercising outdoors can be especially beneficial for self-esteem. Plus, disc golf has opportunities for creating the social bonds that are so important for our mental well-being.

Enjoy a sense of community. This is a sport that welcomes players of all ages and skill levels. You’ll see families, adults and retirees out on the course. The disc golf community includes everyone, from beginners to experts. You can figure out your shots on your own or get guidance during league play. Many players enjoy throwing with friends

Stay close to home – or get out and explore. With about 30 courses in Kansas City, there’s sure to be at least one nearby. But with almost 6,000 courses worldwide, disc golf is an activity that travels well, too. Courses are usually free and often make use of park space that’s not well-suited for other uses

If you want to learn more about this great sport, there are many resources at your fingertips. Search online for course reviews and instructional videos. Kansas City Flying Disc Club is a good place to start. Visit www.kcfdc.org.

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Article by Dr. Lynn McIntosh. Dr. McIntosh is a board-certified chiropractor. In addition to being licensed to provide general chiropractic care, she is also a certified chiropractic sports physician, working with athletes from multiple disciplines on specific sports-related problems. She’s also board-certified in acupuncture. Learn more at KansasCityChiropractic.com.


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