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MARCH 2015 – What makes “March Madness” so special that even the slightest sports fans go, well, nuts for?

Why do we all of the sudden become micro college basketball experts and we look at 68 teams and try our best shot of predicting the winner?

Why do so many channels cover the games live and why do we watch? Sure, the dedicated NCAA fans will always follow college basketball, no matter what; however, this time of the year is when college basketball is in the spotlight, and here’s why.

1) BRACKETS, BRACKETS, BRACKETS: Thanks to the dozens of websites that provide us the technology to participate in our brackets: fans, family and friends can all vie for money, pride and the ultimate bragging rights.

They are fun, competitive and provide us with entertainment well as the competitive opportunity amongst anyone and everyone.

surplusexchange.orgEven my wife will dabble online, going with colors, names well as doing a bit a research on rankings. When it comes to brackets, we all start off as experts and end up getting upset with the upsets that upset our chances of winning.

2) MLB IS STILL IN SPRING TRAINING: The hot stove hangover has set in and lineups are still being set. Many are preparing our fantasy draft strategies and we are online researching when again, brackets appear.

Baseball fans are ready for the season to start and March Madness couldn’t come at a better time. This sporting event allows us to transition into April.

3) NO NFL: The Super Bowl hangover is gone and NFL talk is pretty non-existent. Will Peyton Manning return, where are the free agents going and who will the Chiefs draft may be on the radio dial, but most of us are in non-football mood. The season is changing, but not enough for us to be glued to ESPN or outside playing. No NFL talk opens the door for March Madness.

4) DEMOGRAPHY: I look at rooting for your closest college during March Madness much like rooting for Miss Missouri or Miss Kansas in the Miss USA or America pageant.   You probably don’t know their names, but you want them to win anyway. Plus, many college fans are not close to a major pro sports team and their college is their No. 1 team they root for year round.

Remember, there are more college teams in the tourney than professional teams in any league.

5) NHL/NBA SEASON WINDING DOWN: Obviously here in KC, we don’t have a professional team to follow so this is usually a no-brainer. We can root for St. Louis in the NHL and Oklahoma City in the NBA, the closest franchises to Kansas City in those two leagues, but it seems hollow. Certainly nothing like cheering on the Royals last October. For others, your team may be out or you are just waiting for the grind out playoff schedule. March Madness provides a nice change of pace.

6) THE PLAYOFF/ONE & DONE SCENARIO: This is the No 1 reason we get pumped for the event. Anyone has a chance to win, yes, anyone! Well, maybe not this year, as Kentucky looks unbeatable. Yet, March Madness allows for us to pull for the underdogs or to join in with other bandwagon fans.   Many that are not bracketologists (not sure that’s a word), root for upsets and colleges they couldn’t tell you what state they are located. Others root for their favorite team knowing at any time the season can end. So much emotion is exuded in the tournament due to the fact the season can be over at any moment. This is no best-of-seven series, one poor game and you go home.

The bottom line is when you say “The Tournament,” the NCAA College Basketball bracket is all we can think about!

Even if our team isn’t in it- sorry Missouri – we can root against our archrival that we can’t stand. And maybe, just one time, someone will win the million dollars with a perfect bracket — but I hardly doubt it will ever happen. You have a better chance at winning the lottery.   Good luck with your brackets!

Article by James “JP” Peuster. He can be reached at Listen to JPEG Sports 24/7 at or on Saturdays 8 to 9 a.m. at 1510-AM on the radio dial.

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