$300 million Gateway Village Sports Complex coming to Grandview


JUNE 2015 – The Kansas City area continues to grow its reputation as a soccer hotbed with the May announcement of the Gateway Village development project.

The 230-acre, $300 million project off 150 Highway in southern Grandview is centered on soccer fields and will include 42 homes and 300 upscale apartments, along with restaurants, retail, recreation and two hotels.

The 15 soccer fields will be lighted and with synthetic turf, making Gateway Village the largest all-turf soccer complex in the world.

“These fields are very playable,” said Heartland Soccer Association executive director Shane Hackett, who is a member of the development team along with former Chiefs All-Pro defensive back Deron Cherry and commercial developer Kurt Pycior.

Heartland will manage leagues, tournaments and scheduling for the fields, as it does for the Overland Park Soccer Complex and the new, state-of-the-art soccer complex at Swope Village. With the addition of Gateway Village, Heartland Soccer will become the largest youth soccer organization in the country.

Hackett was especially proud of the opportunity to bring a world class facility to Missouri.

“They say if you build it, they will come,” he said. “Heartland has been committed to this from day one. As a Missourian, I can’t tell you how excited I am. I’m proud that we as a soccer community are involved.”

Gateway Village will have immediate appeal and accessibility for kids.

“That’s one of the great things about soccer,” Hackett said.  “Everybody can play.”

Youth-soccerWhile soccer fields serve as an anchor, the new facility is intended for use by everyone.  The nearly 400,000 square feet of retail space will consist of several restaurants and shopping opportunities, well as 450 hotel rooms. There are also plans for park land, trails and open space, plus a recreational water park.

Cherry’s wife, Hope, germinated the Gateway Village idea.

“My wife is the one who really came up with the idea and got me sold on this opportunity,” Cherry said. “With four kids travelling all over town to play soccer, I ended up building two soccer fields in my backyard.”

All of Cherry’s children play soccer; getting them to and from their games and practices was wearing on Deron and Hope.

“I think she got kind of tired of listening to me complain,” he said. “We were taking the kids in different directions. Then I got together with Kurt and got this started.”

When deciding whether to be involved in the project, Cherry recalled a turning point in his own professional football career.

“When I first came to Kansas City, I signed as a free agent punter,” he said.  “No one gave me a chance to make it. I called Coach Marv Levy and asked ‘would you give me a chance to come back as a defensive back?’ I remember that I was sitting in my mom’s bedroom when I made the call. Had I not made that call my whole life would have been different.

“Making this decision will change a lot of kids’ lives. Hey, this is the right decision at the right time. We do have a vision, a dream. I want to bring our kids back to Missouri.  Bringing them back home, that is special. We want all the kids to have an opportunity. It’s just kids having a place to come and play, and learn lessons.”

The development team has a vision of a sports-centered village that offers a great deal more than just youth sports.

“I want to show you something that is going to revolutionize the way we spend time together,” said Pycior when introducing the plans. “And not only the way we recreate. Most importantly, to have a place that is ours.”

In addition to the soccer fields, there will be extensive retail facilities and a 150,000-square foot fieldhouse to house basketball, volleyball, Futsal courts and physical therapy.

“If you plop a Zona Rosa in the middle of a sports facility, that’s our dream,” he said. “This is the next big thing. It’s a ‘Main Street’ concept that will get people in and out to play sports and for shopping. You can get some things done here:  laundry, work out, shopping. We have the goal that once you get out of your car, you never get back in it until you go home.”

Plans call for a grocery store, a bank, a bowling alley, and other neighborhood services, while the water park and recreation opportunities will attract family vacations.

“This will be a destination location for recreation,” Pycior said.  “This is Disney.  People who come for soccer will come a couple of days early and stay a couple of days late and make a real vacation out of it.”

Pycior and the development team are targeting the players’ families that attend the multiple soccer tournaments throughout the year. These tourneys, hosted by Heartland Soccer Association, have made Kansas City a regional soccer destination, attracting thousands of people to the area each weekend.

Until recently tournaments have been exclusively in Johnson County, at the OPSC.  Swope Village and Gateway Village will help bring some of that growing soccer interest to the Missouri side of the state line, a distinction that is not lost on Missouri civic leaders.

“This is a new day, a new opportunity before us, not only for Grandview and Jackson County, not only for the state of Missouri and Midwestern states, but for the U.S. and beyond,” Grandview mayor Leonard Jones said. “We will benefit from it for decades to come.”

Said Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, “The mayor is absolutely right. This is going to be a regional component. This is one of the biggest projects anywhere we’d find across the state of Missouri. This will be one of the biggest projects that your children and grandchildren will talk about.”

Gateway Village plans have been presented to city and county officials for approval, and to begin the arduous task of finding financial support, which may include TIF funds.  If approved, soccer fields and some retail shopping will open in autumn 2016.

“I’ve learned a lot of lessons through sports,” Cherry said. “This is something that will stand the test of time. We will know that we did the right thing for the right purpose at the right time. That time is today.”

For more Gateway Village information, visit its website: http://gatewaysportsvillage.com/

Article by Marc Bowman

3 Responses to $300 million Gateway Village Sports Complex coming to Grandview

  1. Wilma Watson says:

    Thank you for answering the question of what happened to the project of the gateway project. It would be nice to write in the Grand view report about this.

  2. Mike says:

    Did the construction ofGateway village the soccer facility in southern Grandview come to an end? Machinery is gone and all that is growing is weeds. Thought tournaments were supposed to start this fall.

    • admin says:

      Here is the latest information we just received from Gateway Village:
      Gateway Sports Village Update – July 5th, 2017

      There’s a ton of work going on off-site with architects, designers, engineers and construction groups to make this massive project a reality. The Phase One fields are the seven fields on the west side of the project. They have been out for bid and that process is completed. Now, they are going through value engineering (VE) to bring the construction costs in at budget. The VE process is reshaping our irrigation, water retention as well as expanding the size of three of the soccer fields to maximum dimensions. We are now making modifications to the construction plans by the architects, designers, planners and city approvals.

      In addition to being a massive soccer and sports complex, one of the objectives has been to be energy efficient and green. Through this process, we are achieving those goals and are still on track to hit our Spring 2018 opening for the phase one fields.

      No one is more excited than our ownership group and stakeholders to see these first set of fields and infrastructure go vertical. Our management team has been involved in largest turf soccer builds in the country and, unfortunately, projects of this scope and size take time. We appreciate your support and will continue to provide updates.

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