Golf games: Different ways to bring fun to your golf game

night golf

There are a large group of us that have a nice set of golf clubs, but struggle to have fun in tournaments.

Sometimes our only option is to play a scramble that has a couple of scratch teammates or participate in a handicap event. Truth be told, golf is the one sport that you lie about your lie and your honor means more than adding a foot wedge to your arsenal.

I don’t play that much, but I do know this, I love the game and the competitive nature of it. But the day I crack 80 will only be in the form of candles on a cake, not my score.

We strive to play in a tournament and dream of getting those gift certificates for closest to the pin or straightest drive. My best bet, believe it or not is longest drives. I choose to seize the day or “cart path died” as I call it. Twice I hit the path only to have it bounce back to the fairway and amaze (scare) the group in front of us!

However, if you are like me, you will fill the discouragement of having you tee off first, or hit first, so that you can get out of their way and let the pros do their part in a scramble. But wait! I have some fun tournaments or even a foursome that you can play in, that are fun and pretty evenly competitive, if not challenging!

The first one, which involves four or even five golfers is Wolf. There are various forms of this depending where you look, but the bottom line is, you have one person that is designated as the wolf. He or she tees off and the rest do as well. The “Wolf” can either choose a partner to scramble with or play the hole by themselves. The form I like, you take the score of the wolf team, unless is it a lone wolf, and the other scrambling team.

There is a lot of strategy here and the dividing of the wolf is dependent on the draw. Some play this like best ball, a scramble or even as a skins game.

My favorite handicap/scramble tournament is called Redball. I’ve also seen variations of this too, but the bottom line is,each four-person team writes two scores per hole. Everyone tees off and one golfer plays the hole by himself and uses his individual handicap, while the other three scramble. Everyone must play four holes. This is a great event that puts a lot of pressure towards the end of the round.

Usually teams are chosen based on handicap, but not always. I can remember getting a birdie on a hole while my team eagled it. With my handicap we shot 4 under. This is another fun, balanced tournament that takes on many forms.

I am saving the best for last…night golf! If you have never had the chance to play it, do! There are special golf balls that you insert a glow stick in and play when it is pitch black. The distance of drives are obviously nowhere near regular ones, and many of these tournaments are played from the ladies tees to save time and golf balls!

The balls are easy to find and nothing is more enjoyable to watch round, glowing objects darting across the sky! Each hole has a glow stick in it as well. Other than that, you are on your own.

Safety is key but even seasoned vets have trouble in distance, putting and containing their frustration! You have to do it at least once. Put it on your golfing bucket list.

There are many more games that anyone can do. Look up Bingo, Bango, Bongo and others. While I hack my way between 85 and 95, I’ll stick with looking for oddball tournaments and enjoy those games. I tried speed hockey once – just once – but it’s worth a google!

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Article by James Peuster

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