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JULY 2015 – Relax and let the club do the work. Many players have heard these sage words from instructors or respected elders, and they ring true especially if you have the right club.

Mike Dickerson, a.k.a. “The Golf M.D.,” is ready to help make sure you do have the right club.

For 23 years, Dickerson has been fitting players of all shapes, sizes and abilities with the right clubs, becoming one of best in the business. The Golf M.D. has been rated a Top 100 club-fitter by Golf Digest magazine each of the past 12 years, and rated as one of the World’s Top 100 club-fitter’s since 2006.

Dickerson makes good use of the Trackman launch monitor and putter fitting studio at his shop Strang Line Road shop in Lenexa and he invites players to bring their clubs to be matched to their swing.

“We have them bring their clubs in and check them for frequency,” he said. “We work on the shaft, weights and flex first.”

Club frequencies vary more than players might realize, and can have a significant effect on a club’s performance if mismatched.  For example, higher frequency clubs will play stiffer.

Sponsor-GolfDickerson will use his equipment to measure each club’s frequency and then have the player hit several shots while under the Trackman launch monitor watchful eye. The launch monitor will provide feedback on launch angle, spin, ball speed and club speed, then calculate the “smash rate,” which is the division of ball speed over club speed with 1.53 being the maximum possible and 1.33 considered a good ratio.

Measurements of launch angle and spin will give Dickerson clues how to adjust the flex point on the club and in choosing the correct shafts.

“A lower flex point on the shaft will produce higher launches and better spins,” he said. “The spin and launch angle – the attack angle – can affect which shafts are best used.”

Improving the launch angle and spin can help with distance, but also provides truer shots resulting in more fairway play.

“To score, you have to stay in the fairway,” Dickerson said.

Once the right shaft is chosen and the correct flex point is determined, Dickerson will work on the shaft length. He holds this step until later because he wants to see where you commonly grip the club, but it is an important element.

“A quarter inch is a lot in a golf club,” he said.

With the shafts chosen, properly measured and adjusted, it is time to select club heads. The choice of club head design is more art than science.

“With sole design, if there’s not much pick angle, then you want a flatter sole,” Dickerson said. “With somebody who picks the ball well you want it more rounded.”

He believes in getting the shaft right first.

“There’s a lot of aesthetics (in choosing club heads),” he said. “I can do way more with a shaft than with a head.”

Dickerson looks to combine several important elements.

“Getting the frequencies right, and the angles, are important,” he said. “But the balance has to be right.  If the club’s too light, (the player) will jump at the ball.  If it’s too heavy, you’ll be lunging.”

The Golf M.D. is adept at fitting clubs for players from the professional ranks to the greenest amateur. To get the most out of an experience with the Golf M.D., however, Dickerson recommends first having lessons to stabilize your swing. If your swing changes after you’ve had your original fitting then the measurement results will change accordingly and your club fitting will no longer be accurate.

Once you’re ready for the club fitting, come into the Golf MD, and bring your own clubs to get a baseline measurement.

“Bring your clubs, hit your clubs,” Dickerson emphasized. “We’ll switch from there.”

You’ll hit several shots with different clubs as he uses Trackman measurements.

“You can’t go off of just one shot,” Dickerson said. “The big box stores will try to sell you your clubs based on one good shot, but you can’t do that. You don’t know if it was just a fluke. You want to see a pattern.”

The Golf M.D.’s recommendation may determine your current clubs are still the best fit for your game, saving you an expensive upgrade that doesn’t improve your game.

“Why spend the money if you’re not gaining anything?” he asked.

If it is determined that new shafts or clubs would help your game, Dickerson will assist find clubs that have the same feel, helping with a smooth transition.

“We want everything to feel the same,” Dickerson said. “The manufacturers don’t do that. You’ll get clubs with a completely different feel and then there are different weight options. There are also differences with the shafts. The frequencies of graphite are different than steel.”

Whether it is finding new clubs or adjusting old ones, the Golf M.D. has myriad ways to improve your game. They can fix most any problem, but, as their motto advises:  “If we can’t fix it, it can’t be fixed!”

For more information or to arrange a fitting, contact Mike Dickerson at 913 663-5050 or visit their website at

Article by David Smale

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  1. Ed Wettig says:

    Hello Mike,
    I am in Leavenworth, playing golf three times a week. I hit too many shots on the toe, and since I cannot possibly be at fault, it must be my clubs. I would like to arrange an appointment with you to check my clubs’ lie angle, etc.
    Hopefully, Ed

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