Are you golf ready? A comprehensive approach to getting results


JUNE 2015 – Do you suffer common faults during your golf swing?  End your frustrations once and for all.  Equipment technology, sport technique and your body are all opportunities to change your game.

I often encounter individuals that have invested a fortune on golf lessons, new clubs, and the latest trend in swing analysis yet failed to achieve their desired performance results.

Many of these individuals failed to work on the one piece of the puzzle that they have full control over, their body.

In sport, movement efficiency goes well beyond how you look on the outside.  Rather it’s how you move on the inside that separates the best from the best

How your brain sequences and coordinates movement is critical to your success.  The more efficient your brain is at accelerating and decelerating movement using ideal muscle recruitment patterns, the better you perform. In 1927 Bobby Jones, who won all four major golf championships in 1930, said, “Golf is a game that is played on a five-inch course- the distance between your ears.”

It has taken more than eight decades to scientifically prove just how true this is.  The brain science behind muscle recruitment is extraordinary and explains why stress, anxiety and pain (or a history of pain) wreaks havoc on your performance.

Getting your body Golf Ready entails training to specifically Change Your Brain and Change Your Body. This type of training turns your movement faults into movement assets. It teaches your brain to automatically coordinate and control movement to select the most efficient swing path while also training your muscles to generate optimal force.

In the years since Tiger Woods made golf fitness cool, I’ve also encountered many individuals hyper-focused on exercise. They’ve bounced from trainer to trainer, tried every golf program available and live by exercises found in the latest golf magazine.

Sponsor-GolfDespite their efforts, many still fall short of their performance goals.  Even worse, some become riddled with injuries.  If exercise is a key performance piece, how can this be?  It is simple, 1) exercises that aren’t specific enough to your needs won’t change how you move and 2) exercises performed poorly simply reinforce your faulty movement patterns and fail to achieve the desired training effect.

To maximize the training effect your exercise specialist must thoroughly assess how you move, bias exercises to change how you move and exhaust your brain with cognitive training just as much as they exhaust your muscles. Remember, quality over quantity when it comes to your exercise training; controlled muscle specific training works.

A comprehensive golf performance approach requires collaboration between qualified providers from many areas of sport performance. Your club-fitter will help you get the most out of your swing using the best in equipment technology. Your PGA instructor will maximize your sport technique.  Your physical therapist will optimize your movement efficiency, convert movement faults into assets, and change how you move. Utilize a skilled performance team and a comprehensive approach to take your golf game to the next level.

Article by Danielle Debbrecht. Danielle is a physical therapist and movement specialist at CORE Strategies Physical Therapy, Sport Performance & Medical Fitness in Overland Park.  The CORE team specializes in rehabilitation and performance training for clients of all ages and activity levels.  To learn more about CORE’s sport specific programs visit  Contact Danielle at

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