Happy Festivus KC – Our Top Grievances for Sports in 2016

DECEMBER 2016Happy Festivus KC! Among all the celebrations each holiday season, this might be one of my favorites to recognize and celebrate. For those of you who don’t know what Festivus is, I’ve included a link here from the episode of “Seinfeld” that created this holiday.

One of this holiday’s traditions is the airing of grievances, in which you tell people all the ways they have disappointed you this year. While this year has had some great moments for Kansas City teams, there have been some disappointments.

To honor this tradition, here are the top five grievances about our local sports teams and players I would like to air on this day of Festivus (Just a note, I have nothing against these players/teams, they have just been disappointing this year). In the words of Frank Costanza, “I’ve got a lot of problems with you people! Now you’re going to hear about it!”

Happy Festivus KC #1: Royals’ outfielder Alex Gordon

Gordon has been a fan favorite and a big reason the Royals had so much success from 2013-15. This season was not the same case. Gordon finished the season with a .220 batting average and only 40 RBIs, both being his lowest since 2010 when he played less than half the season and his second-worst batting average of his career. On top of that, he struck out a career-high 148 times this season. Gordon’s season was not terrible, though. He had the second-highest fielding percentage and the second-lowest errors among all left fielders. From what we had come to expect in past seasons, especially on offense, fans were disappointed with Gordon’s 2016 outing.

Happy Festivus KC #2: Chiefs’ running back Jamaal Charles

What’s disappointing isn’t how Charles played, but how he only played in three games and is now out for the rest of the season. We just got to watch him beginning in week four and by week 8 he was reinjured required another surgery. This has hurt the Chiefs rushing game. They are ranked just 23rd in team rushing yards per game. Spencer Ware has played well, but the Chiefs have needed Charles’s talent and explosiveness out of the backfield.

Happy Festivus KC #3: Chiefs’ quarterback Alex Smith

Not to pile on the things many fans say about Smith, but he has been disappointing this season. When the Chiefs win, he never seems to be the main reason why, but when they lose, he seems to be a reason why. Along with that, his performance seems worse compared to his other seasons in KC because he’s made the Pro Bowl two out of the last three seasons. This year, he’s statistically in the bottom tier of starting quarterbacks, ranking 25th in passing yards and 28th in passing touchdowns. While not having a terrible season, Chiefs fans hoped for more from Smith because of all the talent on the team, and that’s why so many have been disappointed with him.

Happy Festivus KC #4: Kansas and Missouri Football

Both teams had a rough 2016 season, with the Tigers finishing with a 4-8 record and the Jayhawks at 2-10. Both had some embarrassing losses and some close calls, such as MU losing by a point to Georgia and KU also losing by a point to TCU. Even with all their losses, the two had solid wins in their last home games, with KU over Texas and Mizzou over Arkansas, giving some positives to their seasons. Still, fans on both sides of the border were disappointed this college football season.

Happy Festivus KC #5: Kansas City Royals

Four years ago, if the Royals would have finished 81-81, fans would have been excited and happy at the season’s end. Coming off two straight World Series appearances and winning the World Series last in 2015, an 81-81 finish which wasn’t good enough to get them in the playoffs is very disappointing. It seemed any time the Royals were close in the playoff race, they would go on losing streaks and take themselves out. The Royals declined in some key areas from last season. The team’s batting average dropped from .269 to .261, they scored 49 less runs, and their ERA went up from 3.73 to 4.21. The Royals’ season wasn’t as bad as past seasons, but coming off a World Series win, everyone was disappointed when the team didn’t make the playoffs.

These are our 5 Happy Festivus KC grievances…what are yours?

All stats from ESPN.com

Article by Drew Parks.

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