Why Mike Moustakas must be re-signed by the KC Royals

Mike Moustakas

Royals fans know one of the looming questions surrounding this season is which of four top players in the last year of the contract will stay in Kansas City. Based on the Royals cap space and the money they can offer, it’s most likely they can only keep one of the four. Out of the four of them, however, the Royals need to get Mike Moustakas a new contract above Eric Hosmer, Lorenzo Cain and Alcides Escobar.

Moose is currently on a hot streak and one of the team’s best hitters so far. Through the month of April, Moustakas has a .271 batting average, .303 on-base percentage, .553 slugging percentage, 7 home runs, 11 RBIs, and scored 12 runs. He’s just getting into the prime of his career, too, at the young age of 28, which would be exciting to watch over the rest of his career.

Plus, he’s a fan favorite and can provide some great marketing opportunities for the team. We all know he’s popular based on hearing the “MOOOOSE!” chants across Kauffman Stadium every time he’s up to bat or gets a base hit. Just imagine how many “The Moose is loose” shirts the Royals could sell during one of his hot streaks and the name he could build for himself in Kansas City.

Mike Moustakas has been doing well, but Hosmer, Cain and Escobar have also shown to be great, popular players for the Royals. So why turn down the other three?

First of all, Moose is younger than Cain (31) and Escobar (30), so it makes more sense to keep the younger guy, especially entering into the prime of his career. Hosmer, on the other hand, is in the prime of his career at the age of 27, a year younger than Moustakas. It would be smarter to keep the player you can get more years out of, so either Moose or Hosmer have a real solid case.

If you look at performance so far this season, Moose takes the cake for a possible new contract. In batting average, RBIs, slugging percentage and home runs, Moustakas ranks either first or second for the team. Hosmer’s been cold this season, hitting at a .225 average in April and hasn’t shown much power with only one homerun so far. Escobar hasn’t been too hot either, hitting a .171 average and hasn’t made up for it with his speed like we’ve seen, having no steals this season. Cain, on the other hand, has been hitting very well with a team-leading .272 batting average and .385 on-base percentage last month. Only problem is his age sets him back a bit compared to the other three.

Based on the age and performance this season, it just makes the most sense to sign Mike Moustakas. Moose is one of the big names from the World Series teams and one of the great stories of coming from the Royals’ farm system, so that’ll help keep fans happy to keep a homegrown player. With the move to a more power-centric team, Mike Moustakas stands out among the other three players. That could also help keep fans’ interest for the team because everyone loves the long ball. And if things keep progressing, we will get more and better years out of Mike Moustakas compared to the others.

Keep in mind, things could change in the coming months. But as of right now, it would make the most sense to make sure the Moose doesn’t get loose from the Royals and stays in Kansas City.

But what do you think? Which player do you most want to see stay with the Royals after the season? Let us know…comment below.

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Article by Drew Parks

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  1. Ryutora says:

    One can wish that the Royals keep Moose. He’s going to be too expensive to resign. He’s my favorite player, I hope they do, but the odds are against them keeping him quite frankly. Plus his agent is known for asking for way too much money.

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