KU, K-State and Mizzou all make the Associated Press All-Time Top 100 poll

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MARCH 2017 – The Associated Press just released their All-Time Top 100 poll and, good news for everyone, the Jayhawks, Tigers and Wildcats all cracked into the top half of the list!

Ever since January of 1949, the AP releases their poll of the top teams of the country each week, having different sized polls over the years, from 20 to 10 to the current 25. Being on the poll is a sought-after spot to show the rest of the country you are one of the best in the country and where you are on the poll can even affect the seed you receive for the NCAA Tournament.

The AP decided to compile all of their polls and see who has been both on the poll and ranked number one and made an all-time poll from that, including a description of how the top 25 teams on their list got their spot. Most of our hometown teams managed to get a spot on the poll, so we decided to take a closer look.

To see the Top 100 poll in its entirety, find it here at the Associated Press’s All-Time Top 100 Poll.

Kansas Jayhawks: #5

I’m sure there’s not much surprise behind KU’s sport on the poll. According to the AP, the Jayhawks have been on 63.49% of the AP top polls, been number one 65 times, and have the longest active streak of being on the poll, since February 2, 2009. During the time the AP poll has existed, the Jayhawks have been to 13 Final Fours and won three championships. Being one of the blue bloods of basketball and a perennial top team each year, it only makes sense KU is ranked so high.

Missouri Tigers: #29

A bit higher than some might have expected, Mizzou just barely missed being in the top 25. Their recent history might not be too bright, but their teams through the 1980s, 90s and 2009-13 give a great case for them to be one of the top teams. Since the AP started their poll, the Tigers have made 24 NCAA Tournament appearances and have been a 5-seed or higher 9 times. Although the last few seasons have been rough, Mizzou’s good history after 1980 got them a good spot on the poll.

Kansas State Wildcats: #44

Running more towards the middle of the poll, Kansas State’s most successful time was when the poll started. In fact, they finished the 1958-59 season at the top of the AP poll. They’ve also found some success in the 2010s. From the time to AP poll started, the Wildcats have made 28 NCAA Tournament Appearances, including 3 Final Four appearances in 1951, 58, and 64 and have been a 5-seed or higher 5 times. They had a bit of an off season this past season, but K-State looks to once again be one of the top 25 teams in the country in the future.

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