Royals and Chiefs earn Top-20 Spots in ESPN Ultimate Standings of 2016

ESPN Ultimate Standings

JANUARY 2017 – Congrats Kansas City fans, our very own professional teams earned top spots in the ESPN Ultimate Standings of 2016. Out of the 122 teams in the four major sports leagues, the Royals ranked number 9 and the Chiefs ranked number 20.

Based on a poll ESPN has put out the last 13 years, fans around the country are surveyed each year to help determine the top sports franchises in North America.

According to, the rankings are based on a four-step process. The first step surveys over a thousand sports fans to form the 25 criteria of the top things fans desire in their teams. Then asked fans to rate their home teams in the 25 criteria. From there, ESPN calculates how teams turn fans’ money into wins. Once all the data is collected, it’s combined and each team is ranked.

Results: ESPN Ultimate Standings of 2016:

Among MLB teams, the Royals stood out, being ranked as the top baseball team in the ESPN Ultimate Standings. Even after missing the playoffs, the boys in blue still maintained their popularity around the country. The Royals managed to top the rest of the division in the standings, with the Cleveland Indians ranked at 21, Detroit Tigers at 49, Minnesota Twins at 87, and the Chicago White Sox at 96.

The Chiefs also made a good impression on fans in the ESPN Ultimate Standings, coming in as a top-20 franchise and seventh over all NFL team thanks to their 2016 playoff run. The Denver Broncos just edged out the Chiefs as the top team from the AFC West by being voted number 19 in the standings. Both teams finished far ahead of the rest of the division, however, as the Oakland Raiders ranked at 85 and the San Diego Chargers at 117.

To see the full standings and the criteria used for it, follow this link to the Ultimate Standings.

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Article by Drew Parks

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