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Coaching or managing a team isn’t for everyone


From age seven to 37, I played baseball under the guidance of dozens of coaches and managers.  From age 7 to 22, I played as an amateur, and then, after I signed my first pro contract with the Washington Senators in 1971, I played 16 years as a professional, including under Royals Hall of Fame manager Dick Howser. I would like to offer some personal views on the subject of coaching and/or managing.

Is MLB instant replay good for the game?


JULY 2015 – Since Major League Baseball (MLB) began using “instant” replay (instant used very loosely here), baseball fans have been asking if they like it.

Theoretically, I feel there is nothing wrong with getting close calls right, so I have enjoyed watching the managers pick their arguments more efficiently.  I do miss the funny and often showmanship antics of the Billy Martins or Earl Weavers, who intimidated umpires with their anger-filled spitting and dirt kicking.

Is golf more mental or physical?


JUNE 2015 – Although I played baseball on a professional level for more than 16 seasons, I sometimes wish I had played professional golf.  Both sports are difficult to master and a very small percentage of men and women are able to make their living at either sport.

Emotional maturity is essential for maximum sports performance


MAY 2015 – In order for an athlete to display maximum sports performance at any level, it is essential to cultivate and display emotional maturity, the ability to use logical thoughts to make mature decisions during competition.

Specifically, being a successful Major League Baseball player requires an ability to handle the ebb and flow of the difficult job with emotional maturity.

Every MLB player should want to be respected by fellow teammates and opponents but, as baseball fans saw during several Kansas City Royals games in April, getting respect through displays of emotional immaturity can get ugly. 

Solutions for a better, more fluid golf swing


APRIL 2015 – Although I played pro baseball for 16 seasons, including for the Kansas City Royals, my real love in high school and college was golf. I sometimes wonder what might have happened if my life had gravitated towards playing competitive golf instead of baseball.

I was drawn more to golf than baseball because it was more of an individual performance rather than a team performance. 

Former ’85 Royals partied like it was 1985 in Arizona!

'85 Royals

FEBRUARY 2015 – During the month of January for the last 10 years, I have been fortunate to attend the Kansas City Royals Fantasy Camp in Surprise, Arizona.

This year’s camp was especially memorable because it was kind of like a reunion for the members of the 1985 World Championship team. 

Fighting the blahs…How to “cheer up” during the winter months


JANUARY 2015 – For the past 3 years, I have offered readers information about the health and nutrition industry. You can read previous articles online at www.kcsportspaper.com beginning with the 12/12 edition.

Being “fit” includes being physically AND mentally fit.  This month I will share some information on a mental condition that most of you have heard about, some of you have experienced or are experiencing, but few understand.