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Our current issue

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Articles inside this issue of KC Sports:

  • Will the ROYALS be buyers or sellers as trade deadline approaches?
  • ROYALSJASON VARGAS is having an ALL-STAR season
  • CHIEFS jumped to select QB PATRICK MAHOMES
  • CHIEFS must make up for loss of Jeremy Maclin
  • Now is the time to bring back the BORDER SHOWDOWN
  • Baker U’s AMER DIDIC signs with SPORTING KC
  • TOM WATSON: a great ambassador for KC
  • Hydration can affect muscle performance
  • Summer Produce: Fresh fruit and veggies can amp up your diet
  • HEARTLAND SOCCER boost branding through youth soccer
  • CHLOE’S CORNER: Q&A with Brooklyn Olson
  • KC ICE CENTER: Girls-only leagues coming this Fall in KC

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