Chiefs TE Travis Kelce could fix the team’s red zone struggles

Travis Kelce

One of the Chiefs’ biggest weaknesses last season was their ability to score in the red zone. While the Chiefs didn’t add much to their offense during the offseason, other than the selection of Kareem Hunt, but the key to fixing the problem is already on the roster. The answer is simple: get the ball to Travis Kelce.

Kelce has proven himself to be one of the top tight-ends in the league, leading all tight-ends in receiving yards and second in catches last season with 85 receptions for 1,125 yards. He’s also one of the Chiefs biggest targets, measuring at 6’5” and 260 pounds.

With his size, athleticism and talent, Kelce has really become a key part in the Chiefs offense and gives them options on how they can use him.

“He can basically do everything a wide receiver can do. He gives you some flexibility there,” said Coach Andy Reid about Kelce.

Although he’s shown to be a special talent, the Chiefs didn’t take advantage of it in the red zone last year. Between the 20-yard line and goal line last season, Kelce only had 8 catches and 3 touchdowns.

This only reflects one of the team’s big weaknesses from last season to score in the red zone. The Chiefs only scored a touchdown in 47 percent of their drives in the red zone, ranking 26th in the NFL.

To be able to improve from last season, it seems almost too simple to use Travis Kelce more in the red zone. In fact, Andy Reid hopes to use him more in those situations.

“Well, he is pretty good in there. We can use him even a little bit more and just keep staying creative with it,” said Reid about using Kelce in the red zone.

The only concern that would come up about Kelce would be his shoulder surgery back in March. Now that we are in training camp, however, he has been practicing and said he shoulder feels good.

“It feels great. I haven’t had any problems with it for these first two days in camp. I had a few dropped balls that I have to cleanup, but besides that, we are working,” Kelce said. “There’s nothing holding me back in terms of movement or weight or just going ahead and getting better.”

Hopefully this means Kelce will be able to continue as one of the league’s best receiving targets and get the Chiefs to score in the red zone.

What do you think? Can Travis Kelce help fix the Chiefs red zone struggles? Who else on the offense could help get the ball in the end zone in scoring situations? Let us know on the comments!

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