Wellness issues holding you back? Ways to achieve your goals in 2018

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Do you have recurring wellness issues that prevent you from reaching your full sport potential? Are you like so many others who will start 2018 committed to crushing your performance and/or fitness goals only to hit barriers a few months from now that hold you back?

Do you ever feel like your best years are behind you or your peers are out performing you? It’s time to make a plan for 2018 to ensure that this year you achieve the success you desire. Whether you’re having aches and pains or you want to elevate certain aspects of your game, there are tools and strategies you can utilize to help you achieve your goals.

Wellness Tip #1: Get a Movement Screen

A movement screen identifies how your body moves during a series of tests. The testing process uncovers hidden muscle imbalances, tissue restrictions, weakness, and coordination deficits that put your tissues and your performance at risk. An athlete at any stage will benefit from a movement screen to identify areas for improvement. Think of your body like any other machine, regular performance checks ensure that the system is running optimally and minimize the risk of problems. You don’t have to wait for your machine to break down. A movement screen will proactively identify areas requiring attention and build an appropriate training plan to achieve your desired success.

Wellness Tip #2: Address Pain Early in its Onset

Athletes tend to live by the “no pain, no gain” mentality. But how do you know when you cross the line from pushing your body to hurting your body? It’s important for all athletes to know – you don’t have to play in pain. Pain is your body’s warning system. It happens when tissues are stressed or inflammation occurs. Pain lasting more than 48 hours after training is not post exercise soreness; rather it’s a sign of tissue pathology due to underlying issues or improper training methods. The earlier you address a pain issue, the easier it is to identify and fix the underlying problem. Early intervention also decreases the likelihood of the problem recurring again in the future. Take care of your body – your future self will thank you!

Wellness Tip #3: Set Goals

Identify where you are in your movement health and performance. Then decide what you want to accomplish. Set short-term and long-term goals to get you there. Ask for trained professional help to avoid and/or overcome barriers to achieving goals. Short-term goals help keep you accountable and allow you to realize the small changes happening that lead to big changes in performance over time. Long-term goals are often more outcome based, such as a personal best at your next race.

It all sounds simple right? It’s not. Your body is an amazing machine that has to perform a lot of intricate processes to maximize your performance. Be proactive, set goals and ask for help. A trained therapist can help you identify areas for improvement, address any pain issues, help you set appropriate goals and guide your journey to make this you’re best year yet.

Article by Jenna Stones, DPT. Jenna is a physical therapist and movement specialist at CORE Strategies Physical Therapy, Sports Performance & Medical Fitness in Overland Park.  The CORE team specializes in rehabilitation and performance training for clients of all ages and activity levels. To learn more about how CORE can help you, visit www.coreptkc.com.  Contact Jenna at jenna@coreptkc.com.

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